Innovative Employee Time and Attendance Solutions for Local Government

If you're looking for a better way to track employee time and attendance, look no further than TimeClock Plus. From cloud-based and mobile applications to biometric devices, we have a variety of innovative time and attendance solutions to meet your every need. Our applications make it easier than ever to collect, manage and process your employee time and attendance, all while updating your Harris software.

Benefit Status Monitor

TimeClock Plus offers valuable tools like the Benefit Status Monitor, to ensure you remain compliant with the Affordable Care Act. Leave behind the headaches of tracking employees’ eligibility for mandated health insurance benefits.

  •  Know precisely how many hours each employee has worked and is scheduled to work with efficient reports delivered to you at the click of a button. You can even alert supervisors and others on staff through texts and e-mails when employees are on track to hit the full-time threshold. 
  • Stay compliant, and stay on point. You can restrict clock-ins for employees about to hit their maximum hours, and generate customized reports in case of audits or worker disputes. 

Time Clock Solutions

TimeClock Plus offers a variety of ways to make timekeeping streamlined and efficient. From PIN entry and card readers to fingerprint and hand scanning, we have employee time clocks available to meet your diverse needs. Our newest RDTg biometric time clock gives you foolproof timekeeping with employees’ unique personal identifiers. Here are just a few benefits you receive:

  • Do away with manual card punching with fingerprint identification.
  • Camera technology can capture pictures of employees at every clock transaction.
  • Use traditional card swipe clock-in, or proximity badges that log time just by waving the card in front of a reader.

Along with removing many hassles from clocking in and out of work, our time clocks put employees’ scheduling and time off information at their fingertips.

  • View hours each shift.
  • See time-off accruals .
  • Check current and future schedules.
  • Schedule time-off requests.
  • Receive messages from management.
  • Log breaks during shifts.

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