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Disabilities / Special Needs Boards

People with disabilities, like the rest of us, want to discover their own unique abilities. All of us are different. We learn, grow and achieve at various rates; but along with those differences we have many things in common. We all have hopes & dreams, likes & dislikes and we all live in this community.

To better support their communities, many municipalities rely on their Disability and Special Needs Boards (DSN Board) to manage all aspects of their communities DSN needs. This includes managing the various programs that DNS boards support as well as all the finances, workforce, employees and benefits to maintain those programs.

Managing everything from residential programs, vocational programs, and adult activity centers to early intervention, respite, companion, and service coordination means that DSN board need robust and easy to use software to manage the various aspects of both their direct and indirect programs. Harris Local Government has worked directly with DSN Boards across South Carolina to provide tailored software solutions for their specific DSN Boards needs. Our financial management and fund accounting solutions allow DSN Board to keep careful track of their financial goals and needs while our Payroll and HR solutions allows management of employees benefits, payroll, the hiring processes for multiple locations/programs.

Are you a DSN Board looking for an all-in-one solution for your software needs?

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