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Community Development

The Community Development suite automates common processes and allows your employees, customers, and citizens to easily apply for and manage services online or through the mobile app. Critical financial information such as licensing and permit payments flows smoothly between Community Development software and SmartFusion’s financial suite. The solution is built specifically to improve core business processes, boost productivity, utilize GIS data, and build civic engagement between public sector organizations and the communities they serve.

Land Management


Streamline the process of zoning, site planning reviews, development applications, and issuing land use entitlements by automating critical workflows. Automatically route important documents for approval, schedule hearings, and automate notifications for time sensitive tasks. The solution’s online portal makes it simple for citizens to submit proposals, check for status updates, and pay outstanding fees.

  • Access advanced reporting to gain real-time insights into critical trends
  • Produce interactive maps using GIS Mapping to view spatial information such as land use, zoning, and demographic data
  • Allow citizens to review project milestones and take important actions through the online self-service portal

Building Permits

Simplify the permit application process by automating the application, review, resubmittal, approval, and inspection processes. Applications are routed to the correct department for review all while allowing inspectors to use mobile devise to update inspection in the field.

  • Receive and update requests faster using electronic document review
  • Gain insights into the number of permits issues, agency’s performance, employee productivity, and more through advanced analytics and reporting features
  • Produce interactive maps using GIS Mapping to view property’s permit history and code and zoning details

Contractor Registration or Licensing

Establish public safeguards by creating clear guidelines and requirements for building professionals to meet. Accept applications using an easy-to-use online portal so contractors can upload their applications, add additional documents, or make necessary changes. Automated workflows eliminate manual steps and paper applications to streamline the review and approval process.

  • Give contractors an easy way to apply, makes, changes, and review applications through an online portal
  • Create automated workflows to route applications to the correct queue and automatically approve simple renewals

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement gives inspectors all the tools necessary to manage code enforcement from their mobile field devices. Open cases, schedule inspections, record violations, upload photos, and coordinate resources without having to go back to the office. Citizens can also submit complaints and add notes through the self-service portal.

  • Save time by automating violation notifications and updates to citizens
  • Access case details instantly and respond to complaints in real-time using the mobile field app
  • Analyze trends and track cases with custom reporting and analytics tools
  • Allow citizens to view and edit property information, inspection results, code violations, and update photos through an online portal


Business Licenses

Business owners can submit, pay for, and renew business licenses online through a self-service portal. Once an application is received automated workflows route the application to the correct location for review, automatic renewal, or even multi-step authentication review from several departments.

  • Save time by automating manual and paper-driven processes
  • Accept license applications and renewals online 24/7
  • Integrate with state or organizational licensing systems to verify licenses
  • Accept online fee payments

Alcoholic Beverage Control

Automate each step in the alcoholic beverage license application and licensing process to improve turnaround and protect your community’s interests. Create automated workflows to route applications for review and include important checks and balances to safeguard the process of approving license holders.

  • Allow applicants to submit documents, review their applications, renew an existing license, or pay licensing fees though an easy to use online portal
  • Connect with GIS to provide important zoning and enforcement data associated with a licensed property
  • Gain insights into critical community data and licensing operation using advanced reporting tools

Rental Registration

Streamline the enforcement and licensing of rental homes and short-term rentals (like Airbnb) by automating the application and registration process. The online-portal provides hosts with a fast and easy way to apply and register. The portal also allows neighbors to submit complaints online to help reinforce compliance and improve oversight.

  • Allow hosts and property owners to apply, register, and renew online
  • View real-time data about community and its rental property distribution using GIS Mapping
  • Connect with mobile code enforcement software to automate the inspection and enforcement process

Vacant Property Registration

Provide your community a simple way to identify and register vacant properties. Automate the workflows to register vacant properties and automatically add notices and tasks to inspectors’ to-do lists.

  • Allow property owners and citizens to identify and report vacant properties online
  • View real-time data about vacant property distribution using GIS Mapping
  • Connect with mobile code enforcement software to automate the inspection and enforcement process

Asset Management

Service Request Tracking

Using an online self-service portal, citizens can report needed maintenance like potholes and graffiti while also accessing important information like trash pick-up times or animal shelter locations.

  • Automate workflow to identify requests and route them to the appropriate departments
  • Push notifications to the public through the mobile app
  • Track request, cases, and priorities based on customizable factors
  • Allow citizens to engage directly with their community and submit request through an online portal with GIS Mapping capabilities

Work Order Tracking

Increase the service department’s productivity by automating the process of creating, assigning, and updating work orders. The solution allows workers to access work orders, create updates, and take action on service requests through their mobile devices in the field.

  • Integrates seamlessly with Service Request Tracking solution
  • Keep service workers out of the office and in the field completing tasks
  • Increase service department productivity
  • Automate repetitive work order management tasks.

Inventory Tracking

Monitor the inventory and critical assets needed to keep your operation running. Inventory lists can be updated in real-time using mobile devices to track supplies. Custom workflows can be created to automate the ordering and depreciation of supply stocks.

  • Update inventory in real-time through mobiles devices or an online portal
  • Automate the process of ordering and receiving supplies
  • Integrates directly with Financial software to maintain a balanced ledger
  • Create automated notifications to know when supplies are low or overstocked

Fleet Management

Streamline fleet maintenance processes and never let preventative maintenance, routine inspections or repairs slip through the cracks. See real-time updates of your vehicle fleets’ needs including available vehicles, registration/licensing, and maintenance requirements. Automate common and scheduled maintenance tasks and push those to service workers through the Work Order Tracking solution.

  • Integrates with the Work Order Tracking and Inventory Tracking solutions to keep up-to-date on vehicle supplies and maintenance
  • Provide cost management and analysis with advanced reporting
Community Development

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