5 Ways to Optimize Your Document and Workflow Management Solution

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Document management

Recent changes in the way local government organizations conduct business have highlighted the need for an automated document and workflow management solution. Although many software solutions have capabilities to attach images and documents directly to records, organizations need more when it comes to searching, delivering, and automating document related processes.

Whether you’re in the market for or are currently using a document and workflow management solution, we’ve put together a list of ways to ensure you’re getting the maximum performance out of your system.

1. Integration with ERP Solution

Our Image Director solution makes scanning, storing, and retrieving documents easy. Integrated with over 10 SmartFusion modules, you can store documents, images and reports directly from SmartFusion into Image Director We even added workflow management to make internal processes for Accounts Payable, Human Resources and Personnel, and Freedom of Information Act requests more efficient. Take a look at our Document and Workflow Management blog to learn more.

2. Advanced Search & Retrieval

Have you tried the painstaking task of searching a large document that’s saved as an image? Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology allows you to search unstructured documents like images and PDFs for key words and phrases. Search results can be filtered and organized to easily find the information you’re looking for.

3. Accounts Payable Workflow

Accounts Payable processing is traditionally a paper intensive, time consuming and expensive process. Integrating your Accounts Payable process with your Document and Workflow Management solution will save you time and money (just think of the amount of paper, storage, and delivery related fees).

  • Process Automation and Business Rules – Replace the shifting of paper with electronic image routing and online approvals. A flexible solution is key to creating routing rules that fit your internal processes. This helps you take the burden off of your accounts payable team and use business routing rules that make generating and approving requisitions easier. This will come in handy, especially with remote employees or departments in different physical locations.

4. Human Resources Workflows: Applicant Tracking, Onboarding, and Compliance

It’s more important than ever to streamline information as it relates to Human Resources. From applications and interviews to hiring and onboarding new employees, — you need a solution that stores your documents and creates workflows to help you stay compliant.

  • Applicant Tracking – Store information related to prospective employees in one place. Utilize document tags/categories to organize important employee information, and create expiration dates to mirror your document retention processes. Make sure your system can create system notifications to let an administrator know when certain documents are ready to be purged.
  • Onboarding – Once an employee is hired, you need a system that integrates with your Human Resources and Payroll solutions to keep you from entering duplicate information and tasks. Save time by utilizing a dashboard and document tags where you can see employee information all in one place.
  • Document Renewal – Create workflows that monitor expiration dates for important documents like training, licenses, and certifications. Automatically receive notifications to when documents are set to expire.

5. FOIA Request Workflows

Freedom of Information Act requests can be a tedious task, especially if you have to locate documents, redact information, and deliver on time. You need a solution that creates tailored workflows to manage the request, route it to the correct internal contact, and deliver the information to the recipient in a timely manner. Redaction tools and electronic delivery options also make the process quick and secure.

See firsthand how Harris’ Document and Workflow Management solution powered by Image Director integrates with over 10 SmartFusion modules. Register for a demo today.


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