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Property Tax

Local Governments all have the same goals when it comes to property tax: increased control, lower costs and less risk. We know from years of experience helping small and medium-size government and municipalities that the property tax cycle involves an overwhelming amount of paper, tight deadlines, and details that can bog down even a well-oiled, in-house tax team. That can be a lot to handle even with a seasoned in-house tax team!

Harris Local Government’s end-to-end property tax solutions make tasks easier and faster to complete so you can work more efficiently. Our custom approach to property tax collection streamlines and accelerates common property tax billing and collection operations. The result is shared information between government employees and an exceptional taxpayer experience that is affordable and scalable for your local government.

Realizing that software is not ‘one size fits all’, we offer a variety of suites tailored to maximize your organization’s efficiency. Each Harris property tax solution is designed specifically to streamline the entire process – from data management to forms and filing, to understanding and planning for jurisdictional requirements.

Enhance your collection of property tax revenue this year and beyond with Harris Local Government.

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