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Billing & Revenues

SmartFusion’s Billing & Revenue help you increase productivity and provide better services to your citizens. SmartFusion helps you provide consistent and accurate data for your utilities, business licenses, permits and other fee-based services.

Utility Billing

The Utility Billing module is a comprehensive billing system which may be used for a variety of utility services, as well as tracking customer and meter information. Bills may be calculated and printed, accounts receivable information easily obtained, and usage reports prepared. The Utility Manager also provides ledger posting reports and, if available, automatically interfaces to the Fund Ledger.
  • Integrates with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash Collections, Tax Collection and Fund Ledger modules.
  • Interfaces with eGovernment system where customers can pay bills online or apply for service.
  • Contains separate customer and location records. View all of the customers that have been at a location, and all of the locations with which a customer has been linked.
  • Link customers to multiple location records.
  • Features a Bill Run Wizard that:
    • Delivers faster processing time.
    • Keeps track of billing steps so you do not have to retrace your steps.
    • Runs all billing reports at once, allows you to see the billing journal prior to the bill run.
    • Includes a warnings and exceptions screen and report that shows high usage, low usage, negatives, etc.
    • Includes the ability to perform bank drafts, disconnections, and delinquent processing.
  • Finalize wizard allows you to finalize a customer for a specific location, rather than completely finalizing the customer.
  • Associates landlords with properties and holds landlord deposits.
  • Shows locations on Google Maps.
  • Allows for seasonal billing for water and wastewater.
  • Special features make it easy to customize the system to meet specific user needs.
  • User-controlled rate tables simplify the implementation of rate changes.
  • Supports metered, fixed and demand charge types.
  • User-defined billable services may include water, sewer, gas, electric, sanitation and more.
  • Prints and reprints utility bills in various formats, and allows static or customizable messages to be printed on each bill.
  • Calculates unlimited rate structures and unlimited rates.
  • Set ceilings for fixed rates.
  • Interfaces with hand-held meter reading systems.
  • Meter readings outside user-defined limits are automatically flagged for further review.
  • Track the number of meter change-outs.
  • Track meter history and usage.
  • Set up payment agreements that can span multiple cycles. As long as a customer stays current with the agreement, service won’t be disconnected.
  • Configurable alert system lets you specify which conditions will trigger alerts when viewing a customer record or taking a payment for a customer. This way you can be sure that you aren’t taking a check from a cash-only customer, or aren’t cutting off service to someone on a life support system.
  • Record and track multiple contacts for a customer.
  • Assign an “Is Warning” flag to notes about communications or transactions with utility billing customer.
  • Link an unlimited number of service codes (Sanitation, Sewer, etc.) to meters.
Work Orders
  • Work order codes may be established to allow you to track the number of meter change outs, disconnects, leaks and more.
  • “Initiate a Work Order” is easily accessed from other screens by pressing a hot key.
  • When initiating a work order the customer name, address and route information is automatically displayed when you enter a valid customer.
  • Work orders can be printed by date required, allowing you to withhold printing until the work needs to be done.
  • When the work order is complete, a “date completed” and a “completion note” may be entered.
  • Usage Reports by Type
  • Print Cut off Notices
  • Mailing Labels
  • Meter Assignment Reports
  • Route Sheets
  • Meter Master Inventory Reports
  • Accounts Receivable Aging Analysis
  • Disconnect List
  • Customer Master Report
  • Daily Transaction Registers
  • Print Work Orders
  • Work Order Report

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable System provides the tools to generate invoices and statements, create automatic billing transactions, track delinquent accounts, generate reports, and maintain customer history.
Manage Accounts
  • Automatically update ledger based on account numbers assigned to user-defined transaction codes.
  • Apply payments to each open line item or the account balance.
  • Distribute payments automatically by transaction date or payment priority.
  • Inquire by customer to display details of balances owed as well as a history of customer transactions.
  • Late charges can be automatically applied to the customer’s account.
  • Flag customers as cash-only so that you know not to accept other forms of payment from them.
  • Create Bank Draft.
  • Post Bank Draft Payments
  • Post AR to Fundledger
  • Parameter files that allow user customization include:
    • Billing Cycles
    • Customer Categories
    • Customer Contact Types
    • County
    • Product Codes
    • Note Titles
    • Transaction Codes
    • System File
Create Invoices
      • Recurring fixed charges, such as rent, garbage pickup, membership dues, etc. can be defined for each customer and automatically posted to the customer’s account at the end of each billing cycle.
      • Generate statements for all or for selected customers.
      • Create bank draft files and post bank draft payments.
      • Detailed invoices can be generated and automatically updated to the customer’s account.
      • Miscellaneous charges and credits not requiring an invoice can be added directly to the customer’s account.
      • Modify standard invoice format and statement format to meet your own needs or style, if you choose.
  • Customer Master List
    – Summary or Detail
  • Customer Report by User
    – Assigned Category Code
  • Customer Statement
  • Customer Invoice
  • Mailing Labels
  • Automatic Billing Report
  • Sales Invoice Report
  • Accounts Receivable Trial Balance
  • Transaction Reports by Code
  • Transaction Inquiry
  • Account Aging Analysis
  • Ledger Posting Journal
  • Parameter Reports

Tax Collection

The Tax Collection module provides the tools to track property taxes owed, produce tax notices and report delinquent taxes.
  • Import tax information from WINGAP (for county customers) and import tax information from the County (for city customers).
  • Print tax notices.
  • Tracks multiple years of tax information for each property.
  • Locate property by map number, property address, account, invoice, owner’s name or parcel number.
  • Track delinquent taxes.
  • Use parameter files to allow user customization.
  • Post payment through Cash Collections module as well as directly to the Tax Manager system.
  • Interfaces with MyGovHub for customer online inquiries and payment.
  • Keep up-to-date with late fees based on State regulations.
  • Displays multiple years of history based on address and customers.
  • Apply mortgage company payments.
  • Track mobile home decal statuses (i.e. lost, destroyed, available, issued).
  • Set a new range of mobile home decal numbers per tax year and review the history of the decal statuses per year.
  • Link account numbers in Fund Ledger to the commission rate tables.
  • Automatically calculate commission amounts and update the amounts in the database when a property tax payment is received.
  • Run a report and process that will create the AP vouchers for checks to then be cut for the various commission entities.
  • Calculate a new tax amount per property from the Property Master Detail screen.
  • Ability to set a minimum interest amount.
  • Show total interest accrued against a property on the Property Master Detail.
  • Run a report and process to apply interest to all past due properties.
  • Run a re-calculation across all selected properties in the same process.
  • View the computed assessment value on the Property Master Detail screen when a property is under appeal.
  • Audit trail feature to all transactions in the program (i.e. re-calculation).
  • Take multiple tax account payments on a single receipt in payments.
  • Tax Digest Report
  • Tax History Inquiry
  • Tax Notices
  • Tax Levies
  • Tax Certification Report
  • Unpaid Balance Report
  • Mailing Labels
  • Adjustment Report
  • Billing & Payments Status Report
  • Tax Ad Valorem Edit Report
  • Tax Levy Listing
  • Not on Digest Listing
  • Tax Execution/FIFA Letter
  • Tax Deferment Report
  • Highest Payers Report
  • Commissions Report
  • Mobile Home Decal Report
  • Mortgage Company Report
  • Exemption Report
  • Under Appeals Report
  • Cash Book Summary Report
  • Tax Digest Consolidation
  • Quality Basic Education Report
  • Special Letters

Cash Collection

The Cash Collections application provides a “front-end” cash collection process for other systems such as Utility Billing and Tax Collections. Miscellaneous monies can also be receipted in thought this module.
  • Process multiple receipt types through a single Cash Collection system.
  • Print daily receipts.
  • Void receipts.
  • Optionally produce a receipt for each collection.
  • Ledger account codes for the various receipt types can be pre-assigned or the operator can be prompted to enter the account number at the point of entry.
  • Optionally, you may enter the amount of cash tendered and have the program calculate the amount of change due to the customer.
  • For control purposes, a deposit number may be assigned to each receipt.
  • A configurable alert system allows you to specify which conditions will trigger an alert when taking a payment from a customer. This way you can be sure that you aren’t taking a check from a cash-only customer.
  • Streamlined Cash Collections Payment screen that takes less time and minimal keystrokes.
  • Post Cash Collection to Fund Ledger
  • Cash Receipt Report
  • Multiple Bank Account Deposit Report
  • “Receipt Type” Parameter Report

Business License

The Business License application is designed to maintain a master record for each licensed business. From this master record you can print applications, issue licenses, record payments and track unlimited histories of license activity for each business.
    • Business license master screens provide for data input and inquiry of business demographics, classifications, emergency contact information and unlimited notes.
    • On-line inquiry of historical license activity for each business.
    • Automatic calculation of license fees based on user-defined rate tables.
    • Automatic calculation of late payment penalties.
    • Supports both variable and flat-rate license fees for a single license.
    • Business license will not print if a payment shortage exceeds a user defined allowance.
    • An amended or supplemental license can be issued when initial revenue expectations are exceeded.
    • Business license can be printed on blank paper and selected information printed on the license can be user-defined.
    • Application print options allow rate codes and ordinance information to be included or excluded.
    • Optionally track hospitality fees and/or accommodations tax.
    • Fees may be submitted monthly, quarterly or annually by restaurants, hotels, etc. based on gross receipts for the designated date range.
    • Automatically calculates fee, discount and penalty amounts when gross receipts are entered.
    • Cut off penalties after a max number of months.
    • Assign cash-only, bankruptcy and bad check flags to businesses.
    • Track payment information, print labels and produce a list by business name, ID number, location, NAICS code or rate. Optionally, include transaction history.
  • Business Master Report
  • Delinquent Account Report
  • History Report
  • Invoice Status Report
  • State/Other License Report
  • Transaction Report
  • Print Applications
  • Print License


The Permitting system tracks and prints all types of permits issued for property locations. The system allows permits to be entered and paid through simple means, and for inspections for each permit to be entered and maintained.
    • Shares properties and owners with the Utility Billing module..
    • Automatically calculates a variety of permit fees based on user-defined rate tables.
    • All permits are related to a property location which allows a permit history to be viewed or printed.
    • Base fees on construction values or use a predefined list of fee items.
    • Access permits from customer and location screens.
    • Link permits to new project master record.
    • Maintain and display history of inspection dates, inspection notes, permit payments, etc.
    • Base searches for property locations and permits on multiple criteria.
    • Expiration dates are automatically calculated.
    • Verify that contractors have a valid business license through integration with the Business License module.
    • Track applied, approved and expiration dates for all types of building and property permits.
    • Save documents and images with the associated permit.
    • Define projects which can be used to tie together multiple permits.
    • Track dollar amounts per contractor for reporting purposes.
    • Assign cash-only, bankruptcy and bad check flags to owners.
  • Owner Report
  • Building Activity Report
  • Permit and Fee Activity Reports
  • Expired Permit Report
  • Square Footage Report
  • Monthly Permit Inspection Report
  • Payment History Report
  • Inspection Report
  • Construction Type Report
  • Permitting Project Report

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