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Financial Software Purpose-Built for Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

MSI is a scalable software solution designed with and built for government organizations located in Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. For over 30 years we’ve worked directly with local municipalities to create a specialized, feature-rich financial management product built specifically to meet local government’s needs.

Key Features


MSI is built to scale with your organization’s needs in mind. Start with the essential modules and add more as your organization grows.

Security Roles

MSI allows you to customize access to certain modules, accounts, and records at the role level as well as for individual contributors.

Fully Integrated

MSI modules communicate with each other to make sure your data is updated and valid. This eliminates duplicate entry.

Audit Trails

MSI automatically saves relevant data to make sure there is a clear audit trail for each account, record, and transaction.

Comprehensive Fund Accounting Software

MSI is a full fund accounting software suite featuring over 15 modules and integrations that address the specific needs of Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin governments.

Financial Management

MSI’s reliable and full-featured municipal accounting system was built to make managing your financial data and encumbrance accounting easy. Powerful budgetary and planning tools allow for accurate revenue and expenditure projections with a focus on efficiency and accountability.

General Ledger
General Ledger is designed to provide financial officers with meaningful financial information to allow for concise control over municipal finances.

Key Benefits:

  • Multiple year fiscal processing
  • Flexible account numbers conform to the user’s present systems
  • Powerful financial reports track monthly statements
  • Complete audit trails provides confidence in data integrity
Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable is a sophisticated and flexible system built to provide a complete accounting of invoices and eliminate the frustration of lost invoices.

Key Benefits:

  • Flexible design features user definable codes
  • Create both computer generated checks and manual check entry
  • Project tracking functionality
  • Create general ledger profile distributions
  • Direct deposit to vendors with email remittances
Purchase Orders
Purchase Orders is a flexible system configured to accommodate both encumbrance and non-encumbrance users. Automatic encumbrance liquidation and shared vendor files provide for a truly integrated purchasing environment.

Key Benefits:

  • Ability to add attachments
  • Process blanket purchase orders
  • User restrictions for General Ledger
  • Electronic approval and notifications
  • Interfaces with MSI’s Accounts Payable to significantly lower data redundancy
Budget Planning
Budget Planning provides you with an efficient means of preparing the fiscal budget by using historical General Ledger data to develop projections of various future fiscal scenarios.

Key Benefits:

  • Detailed line item budgeting
  • Password protected restrictive budgeting
  • Allocate by accounting period, process as an annual or monthly budget
  • Audit amendments and transfers for line items
Fixed Assets
Fixed Assets provides you with a single source of current data on any and all assets. In addition to depreciation and location data for each asset, the system also accounts for all maintenance and repair costs.

Key Benefits:

  • System calculated depreciation
  • User defined asset ID mask
  • Inquiry on a general asset and/or depreciation
  • Ability to track the asset location, type, and who it was purchased from

Human Resources & Payroll

MSI’s Human Resource & Payroll suite allows you to manage your employee’s life cycle and handle all your critical payroll needs. Track employee data, manage important payroll tasks, and produce reports all in one place.

Human Resources
The Human Resources system streamlines the process of managing essential employee information, such as personal information, historical time-off data, and other position related content.

Key Benefits:

  • ACA reporting
  • Create date reminders
  • Universal pay increases
  • Paid time off entry by day
  • Detailed job/wage history
The Payroll system covers all facets of the municipal payroll process. It can function as a stand-alone module or be interfaced with the General Ledger. Payroll generation is straightforward and produces a logical audit trail, as well as all necessary government reports.

Key Benefits:

  • Complete W-2 processing
  • Email payroll remittances
  • Direct deposit, check printing, and ACH for liabilities
  • Integrates with Employee Self Service (ESS) online portal
  • State unemployment and pension reporting with magnetic media
  • Flexible pension definition supports IMRF and other municipal pension programs
Employee Self Service (ESS)
Employee Self Service (ESS) reduces the workload on your staff by replacing manual processes with automated workflows and giving employees easy, instant access to their personal work information.

Key Benefits:

  • Process leave
  • Review payroll change requests
  • Automate tasks

Billing & Revenues

MSI’s Billing & Revenues suite allows you to control the complexities of all your revenue sources in one place. From sending utility bills and tracking delinquent accounts to issuing permits and accepting online payments, MSI’s flexible system help you increase productivity, modernize your payment processing, and provide better services to your citizens.

Utility Billing
MSI’s Utility Billing is a flexible and intuitive system designed to support a broad range of utility billing situations. From water and sewer billing to solid waste and garbage collection, our utility billing software is adaptable to your municipalities unique needs.

Key Benefits:

  • Manage up to five billable services; three metered and two non-metered
  • Trackable payment plans
  • Accept online payments
  • Resident account tracking
  • Self-defined account alerts
  • Accept multiple payment types
  • 3rd party meter-reader interface
  • Billing options include hard copy, electronic bills, and outsourcing
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable allows you to generate invoices for customers and quickly reference any data entered in the system. This actively saves time when billing and collecting on receivables while providing current data on past-due accounts.

Key Benefits:

  • Integrate with online payment solutions
  • Invoice printing with user defined headings and messages
  • Invoice inquiry by name, invoice number, or customer number
  • Cash receipts entry with control totals
  • Billing activity reporting for any time frame
MyGovHub - Online Payments
MyGovHub helps you save time and increase efficiency by offering citizens a way to access, view, and pay bills online. All while automatically updating your MSI software. Greatly reducing the time spent processing paper bill payments and re-keying payments.

Key Benefits:

  • View utility bills and payment history online
  • Citizens can opt out of paper bills and receive eBill notifications
  • Make payments via eCheck or credit card
  • Manage multiple accounts from one profile
Permit Tracking
Permit tracking allows you to collect permit fees and schedule periodic inspections of projects in progress. This system features alerts to indicate when contractor insurance policies and bond policies have expired and makes it easy to schedule inspections.

Key Benefits:

  • Seamless integration with Accounts Receivable and General Ledger
  • Attachments allowed to permits
  • Bond refund interface with Accounts Payable
  • Tracking of contractors and expiration licenses
Cash Register
Cash Register assists with billing and receivables. The system allows you to input cash receipts for multiple systems and then electronically post those receipts to the each of the MSI subsystems. A Cash Receipts Edit Report allows for accurate balancing of the front end cash receipts activity.

Key Benefits:

  • Supports credit card processing
  • Stub validation and check endorsement
  • Customer account numbers and address validation
  • Display additional money owed from other modules
  • Extended security for cash drawer and receipt entry
Business Licensing
Business Licensing is designed to assist with the printing, billing, and collection of business license fees. It can function as a stand alone software module or be interfaced with the General Ledger and Cash Register modules.

Key Benefits:

  • Automatic printing of license applications and license certificates
  • Supports multiple fee schedules by license type
  • Online inquiry by business ID number, business name or address
  • Late payment penalties for delinquent applicants
Vehicle Licensing
The Vehicle Licensing system provides an efficient means of automating vehicle license distribution and collection. The system lets you send bills to all residents based on current addresses and allows you to monitor collections online.

Key Benefits:

  • Printing of renewal
  • Penalty processing
  • Ability to import state tape of vehicles
  • User defined vehicle types and fees
Parking Tickets
The Parking Tickets system assists local police departments with the issuance and subsequent collection of parking tickets. It can function as a stand alone software module or be interfaced with the Cash Register module.

Key Benefits:

  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd notice processing of unpaid parking tickets
  • User defined penalty amounts can be applied to past due balances
  • User maintainable fee tables, violation location, and issuing officer badge number
  • Creation of violation codes, location codes, officer codes at entry screen
Animal Licensing
The Animal Licensing system is designed to assist municipalities and police departments with the tracking of animals and issuance of animal licenses. Flexible inquiry and comprehensive reporting combine to take the guesswork out of administration.

Key Benefits:

  • Create flexible, user-defined types of animals based on breed and/or color
  • Animal tracking by type, breed, sex, color, and year
  • Convenient tracking of previous tag number
  • Interfaces with Cash Register module

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