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Payroll & HR

SmartFusion’s Payroll and Human Resources suite helps you manage all phases of the employee life cycle. Our integrated applications provide a comprehensive view of your workforce — from managing vacancies and applicants to employee reviews.

Application Tracking

The Applicant Tracking module lets you store a wealth of information about prospective employees. Flexible reporting options make it easy to quickly search the database to identify special skills and qualifications that match the requirements of available positions.
Recruit More Effectively
  • Easily identify special skills and qualifications that match the requirements of available positions.
  • Multiple tabs on the master screen store detailed information for each
    applicant, including:

    • Demographics
    • Skills/Certification
    • Education
    • Previous Employment
    • Testing Information
    • Notes
    • References
    • Interview Notes
  • Preferred jobs and job locations can be recorded and reported for each applicant.
  • Parameter files are available to define skills/certification codes, education degrees, job codes, note titles, schools and testing codes.
  • Print master reports for certified applicants, non-certified applicants or both. This search can be further refined to include all or only selected certification areas.
  • Print reports for all applicants who have applied or been reactivated during selected date ranges.
  • Store an unlimited number of documents on the applicant’s master
    record (e.g., resume, diploma reference letter, etc.)
  • Status codes designate where an applicant is in the hiring process (for
    example, which applicants have been screened.)
  • When an applicant is hired, information can be automatically transferred to the Payroll and Personnel modules.
  • Applicant Master List
  • Applicant Certification Report
  • Applicant Labels

Absent Employee Tracking

While the Payroll system tracks leave accruals and balances, the Absent Employee Tracking module allows your organization to track the individual employee absences and their reasons. Capture and report detailed information on employee absences, customizable parameters let you define employee absence codes, reports can be run by a variety of criteria.
Monitor Employee Absences
  • Record and report detailed information related to employee absences.
  • Track and report on employee absences with user-defined absence codes.
  • Absent hours are automatically posted to the Payroll system to reduce leave balances or dock pay in accordance with user-defined leave policies.
  • Absence reports can be run by employee name, department, location, leave code and transaction number.
  • Absentee Report
  • Employee Reason for Absence Report
  • Data Entry Sheets

Employee Self Service

Reduce the workload on your staff by replacing manual processes with automated workflows. Email notifications keep everyone informed by letting you know when requests are sent and processed.

Insurance & Benefits

Insurance and Benefits is part of Harris’ Human Resources system. It acts as an extension of the Personnel module, and information entered in Insurance and Benefits is used to update deduction information in the Payroll master.
Administer Benefits
  • Track an unlimited number of benefits for each employee.
  • Assign benefit codes to payroll deduction codes. This allows for automatic updates to the Payroll module for changes made in the benefits system.
  • More efficiently handle benefit changes during open enrollment periods. Enter benefit changes effective for a future date at any time and then globally update to the Payroll module on the effective date.
  • When the monthly insurance cost is entered, the system checks the employee’s pay period and automatically calculates the amount to be deducted from each check.
  • Benefit types include health insurance, life insurance, and all other benefits. The data entry screens vary to accommodate the differences in these three broad benefit types.
  • Monthly and annual premiums are automatically calculated and maintained within the system.
  • Parameter files support user-defined benefit type codes, coverage codes and plan codes.
  • Supports the electronic transfer of insurance information from state insurance agencies to create your own benefits database. Comparative reports can also be printed to highlight differences between the state records and an existing database.
  • Shared database with Personnel and Payroll modules.
  • ACA Forms and IRS File Options.
  • Benefit Verification Report
  • Benefit Mailing Labels
  • Parameter Reports
  • IRS FORMS 1094B &1095B
  • IRS FORMS 1094C &1095C


The Payroll module tracks employee information including demographics, salary and W-4 information, deductions, leave and pay history. Pay information may be entered in a variety of ways in order to generate payroll checks. The system produces required reports such as quarterly federal and state tax reports and deduction reports as well as year-end W-2s.
Process Payroll
  • Supports direct deposit of wages and savings to multiple bank accounts.
  • Supports automatic calculation and distribution of the employer’s share of fringe costs such as social security, retirement, health insurance, etc.
  • Handles Earned Income Credit.
  • Automatic update to Fund Ledger and Bank Reconciliation modules.
  • Tax rates and tax calculation methods for different types of pay can be user-defined.
  • Interfaces to time and attendance systems.
  • Supports Magnetic Media reporting for retirement, direct deposit tax reporting, W-2s, etc. Tax preference deductions for retirement, 401(k) and Section-125 cafeteria plans are supported.
  • Print laser checks on pre-printed check forms or interface to third party software to print on blank check stock and use automatic folder/sealer.
  • Email direct deposit notifications.
Track Employee Information
  • Allocate salary and fringes to multiple ledger accounts.
  • Enter an unlimited number of user-defined deductions.
  • Interfaces to the Personnel and Budget Preparation modules.
  • Leave tracking and reporting puts up-to-date information at your fingertips.
  • Use parameter files to define the types of leave and the rules defining how leave is calculated and administered.
  • Shared database between all Payroll/Personnel modules.
  • Changes to employee records are tracked and recorded.
  • View all changes that have been made to an employee’s master record, including rehire and termination dates.
  • Employee Master Reports
  • Mailing/File Labels
  • Payroll Register
  • Employer Contributions Report
  • Employer Fringe Report
  • Employee Deduction Report
  • Retirement Reports
  • Multiple Worksite Report
  • Quarterly Tax Reports
  • Unemployment Report
  • State Tax Liability Reports
  • W-2 Summarization Report
  • Labor History Reports
  • Employee Earnings Report
  • Employee Check Report
  • Leave Reports
  • Time Sheets
  • Direct Deposit Master List
  • Employees Not Paid Report
  • New Hire Report
  • Labor Statistics Report
  • EEOC-4 Labor Statistics Report
  • Special Compensation Report
  • Verify Fringe Setup Report
  • Payroll Summary Report
  • Parameter Reports
  • Labor History Reports
  • Drill Down Reporting


The Personnel module maintains employee personnel records, sharing demographic information with the Payroll module. Applicant Tracking and Available Substitutes are separate modules which may be used to front-end the Personnel System. Information entered in either of these modules may be transferred into Personnel.
Maintain Employee Records
  • From the Personnel master screen, easily access a variety of employee records such as:
    • Demographics
    • Current Position
    • Skills/Certifications
    • Reviews
  • Customize your employee records by suppressing tabs for information that your organization does not track and record.
  • Store employee documents like resumes and certificates in the personnel master.
  • Store employee photos.
  • A shared database between all Human Resources and Payroll modules eliminates duplicate entry of data. Demographic information entered in the Personnel module is automatically reflected in the Payroll module. Likewise, data entered in the Payroll module is automatically shared with Personnel.
  • Parameter files allow user-defined codes to enhance customization and consistent reporting.
  • Utilize the “Education” tab to record names of schools attended, degrees attained, education major, education minor, and unlimited notes.
  • Use an unlimited number of user-defined note fields to track any data elements or information not otherwise provided for in standard fields.
Measure Employee Performance
  • Track certificate numbers, issue dates and expiration dates for an unlimited number of user-defined skills and/or certification codes.
  • Employee review information includes the date of review, user-defined rating code, the name of the reviewer, date of next review, and unlimited notes.
  • Training information includes user-defined training types, training dates, next training date and unlimited notes.
  • Personnel Master Reports
  • Personnel Employee Master Sheets
  • Personnel Labels
  • Personnel Certification Report
  • Personnel Termination List
  • Certificate Expiration Report
  • Training Report
  • Staff Audit Report
  • Staff Directory
  • Birthday/Anniversary Lists
  • Due for Review Report
  • Drill Down Reporting
  • Job Report
  • Random Drug Pool Report

Position Control

Position Control provides a means to manage head count. Color-coded icons offer an easy way to see staffing needs and tell at a glance if problems exist.
Create and Budget Positions, Including FTE Information
  • Track position history and employees holding the position.
  • Assign multiple positions to an employee (multiple employees can be assigned to a position), each with a unique rate of pay.
  • Fill open positions from existing workforce.
Enforce Controls for the Creation and Assignment of Positions
  • Specify whether exceeding the FTE Allocation is allowed, prohibited or results in a warning.
  • Define and manage the position request process.
  • Optionally control whether hiring can occur without an available position.
Track and Compare Position Information with Employee Information Quickly and Accurately
  • Determine which positions are vacant and when positions will become vacant.
  • Verify employees that are not assigned a position.
  • View number of employees and vacancies by location, category and position type.
  • Ascertain filled, partially-filled, over-filled and vacant positions.
  • Vacancy Report
  • Overview Report
  • Employee Position Report
  • Unassigned Employees Report
  • Allocations Report
  • Position Exceptions Report
  • Allocation Exceptions Report

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