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SmartAP | Powered by Mastercard

Get Paid For Paying Your Bills!

Be the hero of your finance department and start earning monthly rebates by simply paying your bills!

Harris now offers a first for local governments and public sector organizations – a simple, secure, and beneficial way to pay your vendors and suppliers using Harris’ SmartAP.


What can you do with SmartAP?

  • Earn monthly rebates by paying your bills using SmartAP’s Virtual Card technology
  • Eliminate fraudulent charges by removing the need to share your bank account information with vendors
  • Control runaway spending by batch processing single-use card payments and setting specific limits on transactions

See How Much In Rebates You Can Earn Per Month

How Does it Work?

Rather than relying on paper checks or even ACH payments, SmartAP uses Virtual Card payment technology to pay vendors electronically. Virtual Cards are a modern, extremely secure method to pay your vendors.

How Does it Integrate with SmartFusion?

SmartAP is fully integrated to work with SmartFusion’s Accounts Payable module. You can easily go from payment to reporting to reconciliation and also automate reoccurring payments.

How Do I Receive Monthly Cash Rebates by Using SmartAP?

Due to the cost savings of using Virtual Card payments, many vendors offer cash back rebates. Most often rebates are tied directly to payment volume; which means that the more you use SmartAP the more rebates you receive.

How Do We Manage Our Vendor Participation?

We manage all of the vendor participation and offer you that small town “personal touch” customer service that you just can’t get with the large institutions. Unlike other vendors, we also offer the advantage of getting paid monthly.

How Do We Manage Transitioning To SmartAP?

We provide industry-leading experts with experience in all aspects of implementation. You will have a dedicated Project Manager, and Technical Services Specialists, who offer best practice training tools, project plans, status reports, and strategic vendor phone calls. They will guide you through the initial discovery phase all the way to the post-implementation review.

How is it So Secure?

Each SmartAP payment uses a randomized number for a specific payment amount that can’t be adjusted or double charged. This eliminates the possibility of short payment or overpayment.

How Much in Rebates Can We Expect Per Month?

That can vary from vendor to vendor and bank to bank. Not every vendor will offer rebates for Virtual Card payments, but for those that do, the rebates can have a significant impact on your Accounts Payable’s bottom line. We also offer a free analysis of your Accounts Payable data to help you determine the rebates that you would receive.

“About 40% of our vendors signed up for SmartAP payments immediately. It’s not for everyone, some of the smaller vendors won’t do it but our larger vendors didn’t blink an eye to jump on board. They just run it like a credit card and we get our rebates monthly. I believe this product is the future of paying vendors.”
Wes Geddings

Finance Director, Oconee County, Georgia

Still Have Questions?

What company provides the “card” or services?
Strategic Payment Services (SPS) uses the globally recognized Mastercard brand, which is accepted at nearly 36 million locations around the world.
What makes this solution unique?
SPS partners with one of the top 20 Mastercard issuers. SPS is fully focused on the payment solutions business, which is why SPS sets the bar and helps define best practices — from high-tech products to high-touch service. SPS is a Mastercard Excellence Award Winner for Outstanding Commercial Card Growth. Of the top 20 Visa and Mastercard issuers — SPS has the highest growth rate due to higher conversion rates.
How is this solution different from a bank?
Both a card issuer and processor. In fact, SPS is one of Mastercard’s largest issuers when serving top U.S. companies. SPS handles more than five million transactions each month, worth more than $30 billion annually.
How reliable is your customer service?
SPS, with their client base, ranks in the world-class category for customer service. You’ll work directly with a dedicated Customer Relations Representative with an average of more than 10 years’ of experience.
What kind of Professional Services are available?
Through our partner, SPS, we offer industry leading experience in all aspects of implementation. Dedicated Project Managers and Technical Services Specialists offer best practice training tools, project plans, status reports and strategic vendors calls to increase vendor participation.
What software is needed?
SmartAP is offered to our SmartFusion customers, especially those who use our Accounts Payable module. Our innovative payment application solution is fully integrated with SmartFusion.
How will this solution benefit our organization?
While we’re streamlining your accounting functions with SmartFusion, we’ll do the same for the credit card rebate process too. Receive monthly financial rebates based on your program participation.

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