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Automate and optimize electronic payments with V-Card!

Harris now offers a first in the local government market — a simple and secure method to pay your vendors and suppliers electronically using Virtual Card payments. A Virtual Card is a single use virtual Mastercard account number that acts like a check. Each payment is tied to a specific amount, a unique payment number, and an expiration date along with your same approval processes. It’s better than a check because it can be fully automated to work with SmartFusion’s Accounts Payable module, allowing you to go from payment to reporting to reconciliation.


  • Keep your current banking relationship (bank agnostic)
  • Earn monthly cash rebates!
  • Enroll more suppliers (25%–50% vendor uptake)
  • Eliminate 40–80% of checks & associated costs
  • Reduce check fraud exposure
  • Includes remittance information
  • Improves cash management
  • Improves reconciliation

Simplifying the transition to a new program like Virtual Card payments is extremely important. That is why we provide industry-leading experts with experience in all aspects of implementation. You will have a dedicated Project Manager and Technical Services Specialists, who offer best practice training tools, project plans, status reports, and strategic vendor phone calls. They will guide you through the initial discovery phase all the way to the post-implementation review.

V-Card Features

Guaranteed Mastercard or Partner Direct payments. Unlike physical cards, ghost cards, and ACH, there is a one for one relationship with a payment.

Prompt Settlement – Unlike a physical card, you control precisely when a payment is processed

Automated reminders to process payments

Receipt icon

Detailed remittance information – ACH and physical card payments cause suppliers more work reducing adoption

Maintain status as a preferred vendor

Access to other buyers

Save with Virtual Card Payments

*Virtual Card Earnings report example

Check SavingsSavings Per Check: $5.00
Vendor# of ChecksTotal Check Savings
Example Vendor 15002,500.00
Example Vendor 24002,000.00
Example Vendor 37003,500.00
Total Check Savings1,500$8,000.00
Rebate DetailsRebate Earnings: 1%
VendorTransactions ($)Estimated Rebate ($)
Example Vendor 1150,000.001500.00
Example Vendor 210,000.00100.00
Example Vendor 340,000.00400.00
Total Rebate Earnings1,200$2,000.00
Total Estimated Yearly Savings $10,000.00

Frequently Asked Questions

What company provides the “card” or services?

Strategic Payment Services uses the globally recognized MasterCard brand, which is accepted at nearly 36 million locations around the world.

What makes this solution unique?

SPS partners with one of the top 20 MasterCard issuers, and only one of two is not a bank. We are fully focused on the payment solutions business, which is why we set the bar and help define best practices — from high-tech products to high-touch service. We are a MasterCard Excellence Award Winner for Outstanding Commercial Card Growth. Of the top 20 Visa and MasterCard issuers — we have the highest growth rate due to higher conversion rates.

How is this solution different from a bank?

Both a card issuer and processor. In fact, we’re one of MasterCard’s largest issuers when serving top U.S. companies, handling more than five million transactions each month, worth more than $30 billion annually.

How reliable is your customer service?

SPS, with their client base, ranks in the world-class category for customer service. You’ll work directly with a dedicated Customer Relations Representative with an average of more than 10 years of experience.

What kind of Professional Services are available?

Through our partner, SPS, we offer industry leading experience in all aspects of implementation. Dedicated Project Managers and Technical Services Specialists offer best practice training tools, project plans, status reports and strategic vendors calls to increase vendor participation.

What software is needed?

You will need Harris Local Government’s SmartFusion software. Our innovative payment application solution is fully integrated with SmartFusion.

How will this solution benefit our organization?

While we’re streamlining your accounting functions with SmartFusion, we’ll do the same for the credit card rebate process too. Receive monthly financial incentives (rebates) based on your program participation.

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