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Cloud Services

Harris Cloud Services offers a number of ways to improve access and security to your organization’s important and sensitive data. By utilizing cloud-based hosting, backup, and recovery options you ensure that your organization can stay running even if affected by an unforeseen server outage or data loss.

Why Consider Cloud Services?

Did you know that one-third of all state and local governments get hit with cyberattacks on an hourly basis, and half are targeted on a daily basis? Protecting your organization’s data from potential ransomware, cyber-attacks, or server outages, is a real concern in our technology-reliant world. Hosting is an essential tool that local government organizations need to protect their data, employees, and citizens. That’s why Harris offers a number of options to protect your data. We work with you to discover the best level of security and access needed to keep your organization safe and running, even when an unforeseen disaster strikes.

Benefits of the Cloud

  • Advanced Data Security
  • Eliminates Your On-Site Server Costs
  • Recover from Data Breaches and Disasters
  • Work and Collaborate from Anywhere
  • Scalable to Fit Your Specific Needs

Harris Cloud Solutions

Hosting (Application Delivery Services)

With Harris’ Hosting, you’ll enjoy the convenience of having access to your Harris software anytime and anyplace. Harris’ Hosting uses top-level Tier 3 Data Centers to secure, host, and serve your software and data. Accessing your software is as easy as opening up a web browser and signing into our secure portal. Harris’ Hosting provides an incredibly modern and secure environment to utilize your software and eliminate the costly overhead of maintaining in-house servers.

  • Available for SmartFusion, Open Window, Accounting +Plus, and Spectrum
  • Access Your Software Anytime and Anywhere
  • Recover Harris Data Quickly
  • Safe & Secure Data Centers
  • 24/7/365 On-site Security


Gemini offers a secure, offsite backup solution for all of your Harris data. In situations where you fall victim to a ransomware attack or a sudden loss of data, secure copies of all your Harris data can be restored from any internet connection. 

  • Available for All Harris Software Solutions
  • Available for All Windows Based Products
  • Safe & Secure Data Centers
  • 24/7/365 On-site Security
  • Fast & Granular Recovery
  • Proactive Continuous Data Monitoring
  • Full Transparency
  • 100% Managed Service


WarmSite offers an online emergency environment where you can run your Harris software during a disaster recovery event. Once you report a server loss, the Harris cloud services team will take your backed up data, load it into WarmSite, and then send you a link to access the WarmSite environment with your most current data. This allows you to continue using your Harris software from anywhere with internet access in the case of a server outage or natural disaster.

WarmSite is suggested to be coupled with Gemini, as it gives you the ability to restore your secure Gemini backed up data in the WarmSite environment during a server outage.

  • Available for SmartFusion, Spectrum, Accounting+, ICS, and Open Window
  • Anywhere & Anytime Access Using a Secure Internet Connection
  • Access Your Software and Backup Data Within 24 Hours
  • Yearly Data Accuracy Tests
  • Pair Seamlessly with Gemini
  • Can Also be Used with Internal or 3rd-Party Data Backup Option


Replication is an on-site Backup Disaster Recovery Device (BDR) that creates a redundant backup of all of your data. The replication device mirrors all server and workstation data and copies that data directly to the secured Replication device. This allows you access to a secure backup to all the data on your server whenever you need it.

  • Installed at the Server Site
  • Backs Up the Entire Server
  • Backup Any Server. Including Harris Software, Mail Servers, Active Directory, etc.
  • Backup Stored in the Cloud and on Local Device
  • Access the Data at File Level Backup, as a Temporary Virtual Machine, or as a Recovered Virtual Machine
  • Set Backup Schedule as Frequently as Hourly


Collaboration uses the Harris Cloud to provide a secure file sharing method between multiple workstations and servers. This allows you to rapidly share data between workstations and create multiple backup points to restore your data. Rather than using third-party file sharing applications like Google Drive or DropBox, Collaboration provides a much more secure alternative to sharing sensitive documents, files, and data.

  • Online Collaborative Editing of MS Word, Excel Documents, and More
  • Securely Share Files and Data between Workstation
  • Share Documents and Files of All Types
  • Server Level Security Parameters
  • Eliminates Third-Party Access to Sensitive Information

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Learn About Harris Cloud Services

With Harris’ hosting, backup, and recovery services you can improve access and security to your organization’s sensitive data. Plus, you’ll stay running even if affected by an internal server outage or data loss.