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Streamline Your Utility Billing and Collections Process Today.

Provide better customer service and increase collections.

Accessing and managing utility customer information can be complex and time-consuming. Utility providers are expected to create and defend sensible utility rates, actively respond to customer questions, and analyze trends in customer records. This is why you need a utility billing solution that’s built specifically for local government organizations. And, a partner that understands the growing demands utility billing and collections have on public sector organization.

How can Harris improve your Utility Billing process and collections?

  • Integrate financials to reduce duplicate entry and increase data accuracy.
  • Manage collections and accounting activities for government and utility authorities.
  • Maintain historical information regarding services, accounts, and customers.
  • Provide billing options for metered and fixed services.
  • Make data-driven decisions with comprehensive reports.
  • Offer better customer service with online account management and bill payment.
  • Connect with utility work order solution to easily track meter change outs, disconnects, leaks, and more.

Why Choose Harris to Improve Your Utility Billing and Collections Cycle?

Harris has the experience and expertise to make your processes more streamlined and efficient. For over 30 years, we’ve served hundreds of independent utility authorities and local government organizations. So, we have a unique understanding of the challenges you face.

Whether you’re looking for ways to use data to make more informed decisions or reduce your operational risks, Harris has a broad product line of utility billing and collections solutions to provide the right fit for your mission-critical needs.

Ready to Take Control of Your Utility Billing Cycle?


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