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Innovative Employee Time and Attendance Solutions

for Local Government

If you’re looking for a better way to track employee time and attendance, look no further than TimeClock Plus. From cloud-based and mobile applications to biometric devices, we have a variety of innovative time and attendance solutions to meet your every need. Our applications make it easier than ever to collect, manage and process your employee time and attendance, all while updating your Harris software.

TimeClock Plus Features

V7 Professional Edition

Leave Management, time approvals, and reporting are a dream in TimeClock Plus v7. Employee Profiles make it easier than ever to manage employee demographics, wizards walk you through defining business rules and calculations, and Dashboard widgets present actionable data at your fingertips.

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The Window To Your Workforce

The new TimeClock Plus v& Dashboard showcases all of your most important information in one place. Personalized and prioritized, Time CLock Plus v& is a time and attendance solutions designed for you and by you. Quickly access timeclock exceptions, employee events, and reminders on the fly and in a beautiful new interface that makes it easier than ever to manage what matters. With one-click actions for your business-critical tasks, the v7 Dashboard will become the window to your workforce.


Payroll preparations, audit-ready reporting, and labor costs shouldn’t be rocket science. Instead, TimeClock Plus v7 gives you all these and more with rocket fast speeds and fewer clicks to actionable items.

Easy On The Eyes

With its clean lines, open landscape and beautiful layouts. TimeClock Plus v7 brings a sleek and sexy style to the world of time and attendance.

Lighting Fast

TimeClock Plus v7 offers blazing fast speeds in browser-driven interface to give you the ultimate time-saving flexibility. Login straight to the Dashboard where you can manage your workforce one click at a time. Open up Group Hours to review your team’s time and resolve exceptions in a single view with clarity. Whatever the task, TimeClock Plus v7 allows you to manage in the moment and get back to the work you love.

Benefit Status Monitor

The Benefit Status Monitor for Time CLock Plus will alleviate the time, money, and risk involved in determining the status of the variable-hour employee by providing you with automated tools that can be used to verify an employee’s status. Not only will the Benefit Status Monitor fully integrate with your TimeClock Plus solution, but it will help your organization mitigate the time, money, and risk in ACA compliance.

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Intuitive Workforce

The Benefit Status Monitor seamlessly merges the powerful but intuitive interface of TimeClock Plus with tools to ensure ACA compliance amongst full time and part time employees. It provides your organization with the following tools:

  • Reports that show when part-time employees are coming close to hitting the full-time threshold over the week, month, or measurement period.
  • Text and e-mail alerts that notify managers right away when employees are coming close to the full-time threshold.
  • Employee notification and restriction on clocking in or out for employees coming close to hour threshold.


Other Features
  • Save money by eliminating unnecessary extra hours worked by placing clock restrictions on part-time employees.
  • Ensure that part-time employees only work within their required hours and prevent managers from being caught unaware by variable-hour employees that suddenly require benefits.
  • Make sure that your full-time workers are working enough hours so employees that work hard for their benefits are able to keep them.
  • Learn when an employee is coming close to their threshold through e-mail and text messaging and be able to make informed scheduling decisions on the fly.
  • Automatically send messages or restrict clock operations for employees that are coming close to their threshold.
  • Be ready for audits and employee status disputes with instantly generated customized reports.
  • Use cumulative hours to smartly deploy part-time employees during crunch time while ensuring they do not go over their hours in the measurement period.

Mobile Apps

TimeClock Plus Mobile is designed to deploy employee time and attendance information into the palm of your hands. This solution gives a mobile connection to your TimeClock Plus system allowing your employees to perform clock operations whenever and wherever they need. For companies with employees on the go, TimeClock Plus Mobile eliminates timesheets, allowing higher employee productivity. Employees can perform clock operations using their mobile device to record punch transactions on the live TimeClock Plus database, without having direct access to a workstation!

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  • Clock In
  • Clock Out
  • Go on Break
  • Change Job Codes
  • Change Cost Code (Job Cost Required
  • Track Field Entry
  • Missed Punches
  • Message Review from Management

RDTg Biometric Device

Our RDTg with touch screen is a clock device that allows your employees to clock in and out by entering a Personal Identification Number (PIN) on a 7-inch capacitive touch screen. The employee can dock in and out change job code, go on break, and more by simply entering in the number you’ve assigned as their TlmeClock Plus ID number. Setup is simple. Just hang the clock on the wall, give everyone an ID number, and that’s It The RDTg is also completely modular. You can choose from a number of features to suit your organization’s needs.

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Employee Self-Service Features
  • Go on break during a shift
  • Choose/change departments during a shift
  • Choose/change tasks worked during a shift
  • Receive messages from management
  • Track multiple shifts each day
  • View hours for any pay period
  • View hours this shift
  • View schedule this period & next
  • Make time off or schedule requests
  • Approve hours
  • View accruals
Optional Features
  • Biometrics – Eliminate buddy punching by having employees clock in using their fingerprints.
  • Camera – Employee pictures can be captured and stored on every clock transaction.
  • Proximity Reader – Employees can perform clock operations by waving a proximity badge in front of the reader.
  • Card Swipe – Employee IDs can be entered by swiping a card with a magnetic strip or barcode.
  • Fallback Mode – The clock can record and store punches when it is not connected to the network and upload them to your database once the network connection has been restored.
  • Battery Backup – Provides power to the clock when the primary source of power is unavailable.
  • Digital Output – Triggers a device such as an electronic door lock or external bell after a clock operation or at certain times of the day.

TimeClock Plus

Want to learn more about TimeClock Plus, but don’t have the time to schedule a formal demo? We’ve got you covered with our 35-minute online demo.

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