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Document Management

Never risk losing critical documents again

Document Management allows you to streamline how your organization captures, organizes, and manages important electronic documents and media. It uses advanced technology to easily scan, track, and store the essential information that keeps your organization running smoothly.

Document Management Features

SmartFusion Integration

Store, track, and attach files easily within SmartFusion. Documents are attached directly to records and tracked through a centralized, cloud-based access point. Any changes or additions are updated in real-time in the SmartFusion system.

Document Scanning

Capture documents and images using scanning hardware or screen capture technology. Add documents from SmartFusion into a secure, and encrypted document repository. You can easily convert captured documents and media to PDFs and generate full-text searchable documents for electronic storage.

Advanced Search & Retrieval

Search your documents and media archives at a granular level. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology allows you to search unstructured documents like images and PDF’s for key words and phrases. Search results can be filtered and organized to easily find the information you’re looking for.

24/7 Access

View, change, or add documents whenever or wherever you are. Document Management uses a cloud-based system that is accessed through a browser anywhere you have the internet. The interface allows users to sort through the electronic documents and to view, redact, combine, print, and email. Documents are accessed using a web browser, eliminating the need for any special workstation software.


Stores encrypted document archives on a secure cloud-based server where the original documents remain unaltered. Meets federal information and security requirements to make sure your data is protected at the highest levels. Additional security features include complete audit trails for documents being scanned, reviewed, downloaded, and printed.


Protect confidential information by creating user-definable role-based security, based on group or individual permissions. Administrative controls can limit access to documents at the application, section, document type, or document level. You can also redact document’s content and place strict data access requirements based on staff members’ roles and seniority.


Eliminates time-consuming and expensive hard-copy document handling. By going paperless you’ll no longer have to spend time tracking down physical files or risk losing a document again.

Cost Saving

Increase productivity while decreasing the associated risk of moving paper between departments or staff. With an integrated document management system, you’ll no longer have to spend time tracking down physical files or spend money on costly document storage and filing supplies.

Automate Workflows (Optional Enhancement)

Capture, track, and route inbound documents using customized workflows to assign documents to specific records and accounts. Inbound invoices can be automatically uploaded to a vendor’s Accounts Payable record. OCR technology will read the document and autofill integrated fields within SmartFusion.

SmartFusion’s Document Management is powered by ImageDirector

Document Management

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Document Management can transform how your organization handles your record keeping process and remove the burden of handling and storing paper files.
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