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Why You Need to Have Cyber Security Protection

Did you know…

  • One-third of all state and local governments get hit with a cyber attack EACH HOUR?
  • One-half of all state and local governments are targeted by hackers on EACH DAY?

Protecting your IT infrastructure from the increasing threat of cyber attacks is an absolute necessity in today’s business world; especially for public sector and local government organizations.

As digital reliance expands across all industries, so does the need for a comprehensive and easy solution that can provide end-to-end protection across your network, devices, and cloud-based services. That’s why Harris has partnered with the world renowned cyber-security experts at Field Effect— they offer the most comprehensive and sophisticated cyber threat-monitoring solution on the planet: Covalence.

How good is your organization’s cyber security protection?

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Covalence from Field Effect

Covalence is the definitive cyber security solution — a simple, easy-to-deploy, and cost-effective platform. Covalence combines powerful cyber protection with simplicity and is your solution to:

  • Increasing costs from purchasing multiple point solutions and administrative overhead – Covalence monitors and protects your cloud services, network and devices – all from a single platform
  • Limited visibility into the security of your environment – Covalence is a plug and play experience that provides you with complete visibility into your entire threat surface in minutes
  • Finding professionals to manage your security stack – You don’t need to be a security expert to run Covalence. With data-driven insights and a team of real experts on your side, you can prevent cyber attacks and eliminate security vulnerabilities easily
  • Alert fatigue – Receive immediate alerts for threats, vulnerabilities and other security-related risks – all triaged by Covalence to remove noise and show only the alerts that matter. These alerts are delivered as Actions, Recommendations and Observations (AROs), which are prioritized, actionable alerts that provide all the information needed to understand and resolve threats

Download our free ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Local Government Cyber Security

Click the button below to download our free ebook, created by our partners at Field Effect. This ebook was designed to help you get a better sense of the threats facing your community, why they’re on the rise and the steps you can take to stop them — including improving visibility into your IT environment.


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