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Harris’ TRIO software suite is a proven, cost effective software package that meets the needs of small to large municipalities, counties and water and sewer districts in the state of Maine. Because we have a particular understanding of the challenges facing your organization, you can count on our software and our knowledgeable staff to help you with the task at hand. And with built-in processes and integration, we’ll help you get the job done quickly and allow you to spend more time focusing on your citizens.

TRIO Features

Financial Management

Harris’ TRIO Software provides a user friendly municipal budgetary accounting system. All accounting processes are handled in a straightforward and flowing manner from Accounts Payable to Check Reconciliation. TRIO’s Fixed Assets module is designed to handle all aspects of tracking and depreciating municipal assets.

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  • Create journals with simple data entry processes.
  • Various journal types including Accounts, Payable, Cash Receipts and General Journals.
  • Process Accounts Payables efficiently and print checks and warrants with signature lines.
  • Flexible check formats can print to preprinted stock or create a custom check and print to blank check stock.
  • Maintain vendor information using TRIO’s Vendor routines. The system will track all vendor information for easy printing of lists, labels and 1099s.
  • Balance checking accounts using the Check Reconciliation option. All entries made to cash accounts may be tracked in the appropriate banks within the program.
  • Create and maintain budget figures for all accounts. The Budget Process and Custom Budget reports are simple and fast.
  • Simple, time saving End of Year procedures. Easily access prior fiscal years.
Fixed Assets
  • Easy search functions.
  • Multiple types of depreciation methods to choose from.
  • Simple setup and maintenance.
  • Integration with Budgetary for vendors and accounts.
  • Automatic depreciation journal creation for posting to Budgetary.


Harris’ TRIO Payroll System is designed to handle all municipal payroll needs in a straightforward manner. Easily perform employee payroll functions by using the built-in flexibility and reporting that TRIO provides.

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  • Flexible and easy to use design.
  • Step-by-step payroll functionality.
  • Process Accounts Payables efficiently and print checks and warrants with signature lines.
  • Pay employees automatically at designated intervals.
  • Set up multiple pay categories for each employee.
  • Maintain and track all vacation, sick and other types of leave.
  • Create NACHA direct deposit files and ACH files.
  • Simple reporting for weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports,
    including all 941s.
  • Manage retirements, MainePers, ICMA and all manner of deductions
    and matches.
  • Automatically generate Trust and Agency checks to be printed weekly,
    monthly or quarterly.
  • Simple end of year process creates W-2s and W-3s with ease.
  • Interface with the Budgetary system.

TimeClock Plus – Time & Attendance Software

Citizen Services & Revenues

Harris’ TRIO Citizen Services & Revenue System is an easy to use solution for municipalities and utility districts of all sizes to conduct everyday business processes more efficiently. Harris’ TRIO increases your organization’s productivity and allows you to be more accessible and responsive to your most valuable resource, your citizens.

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Tax Billing
  • Calculate and generate taxes with the ease and flexibility
  • Access functions in Real Estate Assessing
  • Simple four step billing process
  • Print bills in multiple formats
  • Integrates with the Tax Collections system for immediate transactions to new bills.
  • Create account associations to group real and personal property accounts for combined billing
Tax Collections
  • Integrates data from Real Estate Assessing and Personal Property
  • View all activity for a tax account on one Status screen
  • Apply payments, prepayments, discounts, abatements, and tax club payments
  • Set the effective date to change the interest amount when necessary
  • Print, account status, tax information sheets, and reminder notices for residents
  • Manage the entire lien process and prints all state forms including 30 Day Notices, Liens, Foreclosure notices and Discharge forms
  • Integrates with the Cash Receipt program and Budgetary for simple balancing
  • Track Mortgage Holders and Interested Parties and group accounts to enable combined billing
  • Create routines to offer payment plans to residents
Motor Vehicle Registration
  • User friendly interface and easy to navigate menus
  • Maintain all tag, plate and form inventory
  • Registration screens built to appear like actual forms
  • Frequent updates to maintain state regulations and reporting
  • Upload and Download to and from TRIO and the State
  • Generate reminder notices to send to taxpayers – by mail OR e-mail
  • Process Fleets in batches for quick bulk registration processing
  • Interfaces with the InforMe Rapid Renewal system
  • Interfaces with Cash Receipting and Budgetary
Personal Property Assessing
  • Flexible and easy to use design.
  • Step-by-step commitment process integrated with Real Estate
  • Cost approach method used as the primary means to equitably
    estimate value in a manner which both the assessor and the taxpayer
    can easily understand
  • Associate Real and Personal accounts to enable combined bill printing
  • Reports and exemptions are easy to track, maintain and report
Real Estate Assessing
  • Flexible and easy to use design
  • Step-by-step commitment process
  • Easily input data into the TRIO designed property card screen
  • Cost approach method used as the primary means to equitably estimate value in a manner which both the assessor and the taxpayer can easily understand
  • Apply cost and depreciation factors consistently
  • Apply pictures and documents to each card
  • Add the sketching module for designing sketches and saving them right in TRIO
  • Use global change functions for mass factoring
  • Associate Real and Personal accounts to enable combined bill printing
  • Built in transfer and pending transfer functionality
  • Tax rate calculator built in for assistance with establishing mill rate
  • Animal Licensing
  • Vital Records
Accounts Receivable
Utility Billing & Collections
Centralized Cash Collections
Blue Book Vehicle Valuation
Code Enforcement
Online Property Inquiry

Business Intelligence

Harris’ TRIO broad range of reporting tools make it easier than ever to review real-time data and make informed business decisions. With TRIO’s reporting, you can quickly view KPIs and other important metrics needed for strategic and accurate planning, then get it to the people who need it.

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