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Fund Accounting Software is the Heart of Your Organization’s Finances.

That’s why software that you use to manage it is critical.

Let’s face the facts. There are numerous options when it comes to fund accounting software, and that can be overwhelming. Most solutions share similar functions like general ledger management and budgeting, but not all solutions are created equal. You’re different than a private company or a local business down the road. You need a solution that’s built specifically for the public sector and a vendor who understands how you operate. From cities and counties to libraries and park districts, Harris Local Government is the perfect partner to help you meet your mission and streamline your financial processes.

Where does most fund accounting software fall short?

  • Poor Quality Support— A lack of timely responses and experienced support professionals to provide solutions to your issues.
  • Lack of Transparent Reporting— More than ever, real-time data and transparency are essential for stakeholders and citizens.
  • Outdated Technology— Obsolete security features and redundant process risk your data’s integrity.
  • Unstable Company— The company that provides and maintains the software doesn’t have the resources and staff to serve their clients properly or maintain the software.

That’s why Harris Local Government has been working with public sector financial leaders for over 30 years to develop and provide smart and accessible fund accounting software to our 2,500+ public sector clients. We know from experience that your financial data is connected directly to your community’s success. In fact, we’ve helped small to medium size public organizations manage hundreds of millions in public finances to reach their goals. Our strategy is simple; We’re here to partner with you to provide the best solutions to meet your financial goals. Period.

“We’ve been using Harris’ SmartFusion financial software for over 6 years and in that time, we have not had a single audit finding. The ability to create transparent reporting quickly and accurately has been one of the biggest advantages of partnering with Harris Local Government.”
Wes Geddings

Finance Director, Oconee County, Georgia

Time to Make Smarter Financial Decisions for Your Organization.

We understand that as a leader in your local government you’re under intense pressure to make certain that government expenditures do not exceed revenues in a fiscal year. To make sure you don’t run a budget deficit you first need fund accounting software that’s capable of managing your organization’s unique demands.

That’s why we offer a broad product line of public sector financial management solutions to fit your mission-critical needs, budget, and expectations.

What you can expect with Harris Local Government’s fund accounting software solutions:

  • Unrivaled Professional Support Staff
  • Straightforward & Transparent Reporting
  • Real-Time Data, Instantly Updated
  • Proactive Security & Feature Updates
  • Manage Multiple Locations & Users
  • Intuitively Designed Interfaces

Ready to Take the First Step in Improving Your Financial Data?


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