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Software for City & County Government in Alabama and Mississippi

Harris’ Delta software offers a full range of integrated applications for virtually every department of city and county governments. From abstracting to accounting, we have solutions to manage the information that is vital to your organization’s success.

Delta Features

Financial Management

Delta’s financial features are an advanced solution for managing your financial data and encumbrance accounting.

Payroll & HR

Delta’s Payroll and Human Resources suite helps you manage all phases of the employee life cycle. Our integrated applications provide a comprehensive view of your workforce — from managing vacancies and applicants to employee reviews.

Billing & Revenue

Delta’s Billing & Revenues application help you increase productivity and provide better services to your citizens.

Tax Assessment & Collection

Delta’s Tax Assessment & Collection feature offers a fast and convenient method to maintain comprehensive property data in preparation for tax calculation.

Document Imaging

Delta’s PaperLink™ Document Imaging feature allows users to digitally capture any letter or legal sized document (larger documents can be accommodated but require larger scanning equipment), which can then be digitally attached to any computer transaction (i.e., Accounting, Payroll, Motor Vehicles, Tax Appraisal records etc.)

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Delta PaperLink™ Document Imaging

Once captured, this digital information can be made available across the system (intranet) or externally via the internet. All access to the digital information requires security clearance which is controlled by the PaperLink™ administrator. Security can be assigned at group and/or individual levels.
The PaperLink™ import feature allows digital images to be imported into (attached to) a specific computer record. Acceptable importation formats include but are not limited to TIFF, PDF, JPG, GIF BMP.

Other features of the PaperLink™ Imaging Software are:
  • Duplex Scanning
  • Large Format Scanning
  • Annotation
  • Redaction of sensitive information
  • Archiving
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Scanning formats TIFF, PDF
  • Zoom, Pan, Rotate, Invert Polarization

PaperLink™ is fully integrated into the Delta product suite. This makes it easy to retrieve all documents associated with a specific computer record with the click of the mouse. No more linking to and searching through an external document storage system. Scanned images are easily accessed and can even be printed with ease. PaperLink™ reduces office clutter and the need to maintain and search cumbersome filing cabinets. If a user or auditor needs to see documents supporting a transaction, the document can be easily recalled to the display and even printed if desired.

“The City of McComb has used Delta software for over 30 years and have never had an audit finding or data breach. I would highly recommend the Delta software suite to other city and county governments!”
– Quordiniah Lockley
Mayor — City of McComb, MS
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