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Operational Excellence

A data driven approach to continuous improvement.

Operational Excellence can be summarized in four words— Do more with less. Today’s ERP customers need a solution that focuses on process efficiency and helps them make data driven decisions. This results in better manage their mission-critical needs and also identifying when that workflow breaks down.

How can Harris use Operational Excellence to help your organization?

  • Increasing transparency through comprehensive reporting.
  • Utilizing one software solution for multiple departments for your internal software needs- Business Licenses, Utility Billing, Accounting Payable, Payroll, etc.
  • Providing an exceptional customer experience in ongoing client partnerships.
  • Implementing automation workflows and processes to increase efficiency.

How does Harris use Operational Excellence to better serve our customers?

Here at Harris, we take the time to learn about our customers’ pain points, future needs, and goals. We then take this information to propose a solution that meets the customer’s current and future needs. Our implementation, training, and support teams then work with our customer to identify the processes and training that will best meet their goals, which eliminates unproductive activities.

With over 30 years’ experience, we understand that there isn’t a one size fits all solution for our customers. That’s why we bring a unique approach to improving organizations efficiency by connecting every decision, implementation, and service directly to mission-critical goals.

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