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Operational Excellence

Harris Local Government’s first commitment is to enable our customers to achieve “operational excellence” with all of our software solutions. We team up with each of our customers to focus on their key success factors, current paint points and then identify the processes, strategies, and software solutions that will best meet their goals.

What does Operational Excellence Mean to Us?

Operational Excellence is the execution of techniques and strategies that consistently leads to reliable results and help organizations reach their goals in the most efficient way possible.

When we team with a customer to implement strategies focused on operational excellence for local governments and government agencies, Harris Local Government’s unique experience immediately adds value to our clients’ requirements. We clearly articulate and evaluate tangible methods and techniques underpinned by evidence from the client organization, our professional experiences, and market trends.

Realizing that software is not ‘one size fits all’, we have the ability to offer a variety of suites which can be tailored to maximize your park organization’s efficiency. Whether you are trying to improve financial management, fiscal transparency, utility billing, or even better manage your employee’s and benefits.

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