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Learn how Harris’ SmartFusion suite can help your public sector organization take control of your finances and improve your accounting processes and workflows.

Constellation Software Inc. (the parent company of Harris Local Government)
Named #22 on Forbes Top 100 Most Innovative Companies

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The Town of Niagara struggled with the limitations of their DOS-based utility management program. This outdated system severely restricted the volume and speed of tasks that the Town’s water billing department could complete. Water Account Clerk Beverly Buckley engaged Harris Local Government to overcome these challenges using a custom software solution.

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Leading-Edge Utility Management

Harris Local Government helped the Town of Niagara, NY overcome their utility billing challenges by taking a custom software approach.

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One Stop Shop for Water & Sewer

Village of Oakfield, NY officials struggled to innovate their water and sewer billing systems. Harris Local Government deployed a one-stop solution for both.

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Solution Spotlight: SmartFusion

SmartFusion offers extensive features in financial management, payroll & HR, and billing & revenues. Stay tuned for a future blog post spotlighting a SmartFusion client.

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