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TimeClock Plus On-Demand Demov

Want to learn more about TimeClock Plus, but don’t have the time to schedule a formal demo? We’ve got you covered with our 35-minute online demo…


Employee Self Service On-Demand Demo

Learn how ESS can save your HR staff time and money! Employee Self Service is a feature rich module that allows you to set up systems for employees to view and manage their own information. See firsthand how ESS can reduce the workload on your HR staff by replacing manual processes with automated workflows…


Harris Cloud Services & Hosting

Cyber attacks continue to be a threat for local government organizations. Many Harris customers have reached out to us to learn ways to prepare for when a cyber incident occurs. So, we’ve put together a few resources to help educate you about cyber attacks and how Harris can help you become better prepared…


2021 NY Utility Termination Moratorium Explained

Here at Harris we make sure we stay informed of state mandated requirements. We know that legislation can sometimes be difficult to understand, so we wanted to put together a quick blog post on New York’s recent Utility Termination Moratorium changes…


2021 PA Public Utility Regulations Explained

Over the past year legislation has been put in place to help ease the burden of utility customers who are experiencing economic hardships. Here at Harris we’ve been keeping up with these changes, and we wanted to provide more information for our customers about how to best handle the regulations that the Pennsylvania Public Utility […]


Why Local Governments Are Being Targeted by Cyber Attacks

It seems every week there’s a new headline about cyber security breach. From high profile attacks such as the 2020 US federal data breach associated with the Solar Winds vulnerabilities, to the hacking of the State of Alaska’s Online Voter Registration. While big government organizations are making the news, we know that cyber security is an ongoing challenge […]


Learn About Harris Cloud Services

With Harris’ hosting, backup, and recovery services you can improve access and security to your organization’s sensitive data. Plus, you’ll stay running even if affected by an internal server outage or data loss.