Why You Need Dedicated Solid Waste Software

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Solid Waste Management

There are seemingly endless factors to coordinate when it comes to solid waste collection and billing — From determining the different types of containers being used and the type of waste being collected to the environmental regulations and vehicle routing. This is where a solid waste management software shines. You can track and coordinate the various factors of your solid waste collection service all while automating common tasks and tracking important information.

Here are a few ways solid waste software can simplify these processes:

More than Accounts Receivable

Solid waste software differs from accounts receivable software in that you can track more than just account numbers, customer type, and billing information. You can also track the types of containers being used, their distribution in your community, and their status. This allows you to project use and future needs directly in your solid waste software.

Automate Inventory Control

Good solid waste software gives you control over your container inventory, location, and use. It can automatically update when containers are assigned to a customer so you know how many containers are currently in use, for what purpose, and how many containers you have available in inventory.

Streamline Services

Dedicated software gives you one place where you can manage customers’ accounts from open to close. It also centralizes the process of managing your customer’s services and provides detailed history and reports for that account. Work order capabilities mean that you can assign important tasks on the fly and even automate reoccurring work orders for specific weekly, monthly, or yearly events.

Recycling and Environmental Regulations

There are a lot of various regulations that change from state to state and town to town. Solid waste management software makes it easy to track and assign various regulatory demands in your software. Required to have specific containers for recycling? Track those through inventory management. Have rules for collecting specific materials for a local waste management site/landfill? Have those guidelines attached to your accounts and work orders.


These are just a few ways that dedicated solid waste management software can enhance your billing and collection cycle and reduce the burden on your staff.

Wondering if Solid Waste software if right for your organization? Check out our 5-minute Solid Waste Management demo to see our software in action.



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