HLG Gives: A Collage of Efforts

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HLG Gives: A Collage of Efforts

Harris gives each employee a full eight-hour day to complete volunteer work of their choosing. Harris Local Government (HLG) kicked off our summer of giving by sharing stories and photos of how we spent our volunteer hours. Whether it was driving, walking, cooking or riding, our volunteers helped support a number of worthy organizations in their local communities. Read on to learn more:

Dan Klein, programmer for HLG, lent his truck, trailer and time to a church near where he lives in Pennsylvania. He helped transport pre-boxed food for families in need between the distribution center in Beaver Falls and the church in Rochester.

Farrell Clancy, HLG’s marketing specialist, participated in NAMI STL’s 20th annual walk for wellness this past May. The St. Louis chapter of the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) raised nearly $250k at this year’s event! These funds will continue the organization’s mission to “improve the lives of children and adults with mental illnesses and their families in the St. Louis region.” Farrell also serves on NAMI STL’s marketing committee, leads its social media efforts and is helping with the organization’s upcoming “You Are Not Alone” gala.

Lee Gorman, senior sales coordinator for HLG, volunteered at the East Texas Crisis Center, a domestic violence shelter that has served the region since 1978, to help register incoming families. She and her husband also help plan and volunteer at the crisis center’s car show, which is held twice a year as a fundraising event.

While Pam Adams, HLG support specialist, was visiting Puerto Rico, she was providing support to beautify the area by picking up trash along the beach.

Shara Blackmore, marketing manager, is working with an informal network of volunteers who help local families in need in Guelph, Ontario, for our Summer of Giving. “My Harris volunteer hours were used preparing nutritious meals for a local family who is in need of a helping hand. Preparing and delivering food may seem like a simple thing to do; however, planning, grocery shopping and cooking meals while going through a difficult time can be stressful and seem like a mountainous task. I also see this as a chance to pay it forward; kindness is contagious. I’ve had food dropped off at my house while recovering from an illness, and it made all the difference in the world to me. Knowing that someone, even a complete stranger can care enough to help another provides necessary nutrition, but is also food for the soul – for all involved.”

Tom Kloc, R&D team lead, participated in the 2022 Ride for Roswell, a 45-mile bike ride with 7,795 riders who raised a combined $5,705,972.24 that directly benefits the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. WOW! This event has a special place in Tom’s heart as many of his dearest family members as well as acquaintances have been helped by Roswell. He has also been riding in this event for many years! As one of the nation’s largest cycling events, the Ride is a powerful reminder that each of us can make a difference. Funds raised go directly to cutting-edge cancer research and quality of life programs that help patients at Roswell and around the world. Each donation brings us one step closer to ending cancer.

Stay tuned for more volunteer stories!



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