New Products & Enhancements for Safe Business Practices

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Sale Business Practices

In recent months there’s been a shift in how local governments conduct business. From working from home and staggered employee schedules to taking payments online, you’ve made adjustments to continue business safely for your employees and citizens.

Here at Harris we’ve been hard at work pivoting our focus to new products and enhancements that make it easier and safer to get your job done. Learn more about these new solutions below.

Contactless Payment Options – Pay by Phone

When normal business operations were interrupted, many customers turned to our online payment and eBilling options that integrate directly with their Harris software. These solutions made it easier for organizations to take payments without in-person interaction.

Although our customers were happy with online payments, they saw a need to offer other ways for customers to make payments. So, we took this feedback and got to work on improving our MyGovHub solution with Pay by Phone. This solution will be available next month, along with many other new features. Visit our MyGovHub page to learn more and track our upcoming enhancements.

Document and Workflow Management

Currently Only For SmartFusion Customers

Our SmartFusion suite can attach documents and images within the software, but we learned that customers need an integrated way to share, retrieve, and collaborate these items. Add in numerous workplace challenges – like less in-person interaction with employees and citizens – made a difficult process even more of a headache

Our Image Director solution makes scanning, storing, and retrieving documents easy. Integrated with over 10 SmartFusion modules, you can store documents, images and reports directly from SmartFusion into Image Director We even added workflow management to make internal processes for Accounts Payable, Human Resources and Personnel, and Freedom of Information Act requests more efficient. Take a look at our Document and Workflow Management blog to learn more.

Safe Timekeeping

It’s more important than ever to offer touchless clocking options for our customers. Our Proximity time clocks use contactless technology for employees to click in and out without touching the clock.

A thermal sensor clock can check employee temperatures when they check in for work and record this information for the employer. This attachment helps track trends and anomalies in employee temperatures, and is fully compliant with HIPPA and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Polling options can also be utilized to determine if employees were recently exposed to someone with COVID. And if there is an employee who tests positive, reports can quickly be utilized to determine if any employees used a clocking device in close proximity to the employee.



Learn About Harris Cloud Services

With Harris’ hosting, backup, and recovery services you can improve access and security to your organization’s sensitive data. Plus, you’ll stay running even if affected by an internal server outage or data loss.