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HLG Gives: MLW Stables

Harris gives each employee a full eight-hour day to complete volunteer work of their choosing. Harris Local Government (HLG) kicked off our summer of giving by sharing stories and photos of how we spent our volunteer hours.

Joe LaBuda, portfolio manager for HLG, spent his volunteer day at MLW Stables, a therapeutic and recreational riding facility and farm animal rescue. The stables also offers youth equine experiential learning programs. The organization largely runs based on the generosity of donors and fund-raising events. With winter just around the corner and the high costs of feeding and caring for this number of animals, a charity show was held to defray those costs.

Joe and his two daughters spent the day pitching in any way they could, including selling tickets, coordinating and timing events, setting up and cleaning up, and getting the horses in line to keep the day running smoothly. It was a great time and his daughters even got to do some riding as part of it.

“We are definitely not experienced ‘horse people’ so just being around the animals and seeing the impact they have and the smiles they bring to everyone’s faces was awesome,” Joe said.

Stay tuned for more volunteer stories!



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