HLG Gives: Garrett's Place

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HLG Gives: Garrett’s Place

Harris gives each employee a full eight-hour day to complete volunteer work of their choosing. Harris Local Government (HLG) kicked off our summer of giving by sharing stories and photos of how we spent our volunteer hours.

Garrett’s Place serves foster children and families by providing for basic needs, emotional support, and community. They provide suitcases, clothes, books, toys, school supplies, and other items to children entering the foster system. We introduced this organization back in May, when we were kicking off our 2022 HLG Gives program; you can read more about it here on our blog or on its website.

One group of HLG volunteers worked throughout the month of September on organizing and cleaning to help get this place in order for these kids.

“We are supposed to be making an impact on these kids and our community, but I think it’s making a bigger impact on us,” said volunteer Amy Parker.

Stay tuned for more volunteer stories!



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